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Membership Definition

A UPC member is someone who believes strongly in the UPC mission to form friendships and build black wealth in the DMV. Joining UPC as a member means you are partnering with us to execute this mission. Our goals become your goals and your goals become ours. Let us know what types of programming you would like to see to better help you and every other member of our community form friendships and build wealth. 

Membership Expectations

UPC Members represent our partners in the execution of our mission. You posses a mutual appreciation of community, accountability, and financial prosperity. In return for your financial contributions, our goal is to ensure you get first priority from our programs, including: 

*** Free or discounted entry at all premium events ***

*** Access to members-only meetups ***

*** Access to UPC Members-only group chat and member communications***

*** Exclusive access to wealth-building resources (TBA) ***

*** Only members can volunteer on the planning committee or executive team***

How to Become a Member

UPC's membership program runs annually with the calendar year and is open for registration all year long. 

There are two options to sign up:


1) Monthly or annual donation directly on this site below. Both monthly and annual options automatically renew at the end of their respective terms unless the plan is cancelled prior. Please also keep in mind that membership is confirmed upon entry to any UPC Signature event, so it's important to keep it active to continue receiving free or discounted entry.

2) Sign up for membership through Eventbrite if available as a ticket option. For Signature events, "New Member Signup" is offered as an alternative ticket option. Selecting this option is often the cheapest way to join as it is typically discounted.

UPC Membership Options

  • UPC Membership (Monthly)

    Every month
    +US$29.99 Start-Up Fee
    Your $10 monthly donation comes with perks!
    • Free or discounted entry to Signature events
    • Free or discounted access to Masterminds
    • Members-only meetups
    • Exclusive group chat and member communications
    • Exclusive access to wealth-building resources (TBA)
  • UPC Membership (Annual)

    Every year
    +US$9.99 Start-Up Fee
    Same benefits as monthly version but smaller overall donation as lump sum (renews annually)
    • Free or discounted entry to Signature Events
    • Free or discounted access to Financial Masterminds
    • Members-Only Meetups
    • Exclusive Group Chat and Member communications
    • Exclusive access to wealth-building resources (TBA)
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