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Build Wealth


To create and maintain an community of learning, support, action, and accountability that fosters the success of our UPC members


Utilize community learning principles to equip our members with healthy habits that breed success in wealth management, business, and personal growth. Such habits will include budgeting, minimizing debt, retirement planning, estate planning, real estate investment, setting up passive income, starting businesses, and continuous economic education in general. The goal is for these habits to become so ingrained in our lives, that they trickle down into our families, social circles, and overall community for generations to come.


UPC Mastermind Definition

"A small group of similarly-focused individuals who support one another and collaborate to achieve their goals in a desired time frame"

Our Mastermind Philosophy

UPC believes the Mastermind principle to be a key structure to enable our community to rise up the ranks. While it is important to seek out help in areas unfamiliar to us, we do not want our members pouring out thousands of dollars to attain that help. We strongly believe that the knowledge, skills, and resources that you and I need to succeed are accessible for free at our fingertips or through the people we know. Furthermore, by building an extensive network of professionals and making it available to our membership (again, for free), we can make it even easier for our members to achieve their goals.

The UPC Mastermind Network

Any UPC member can start and facilitate a mastermind for virtually any educational topic, presuming they meet the criteria defined by the planning committee and have (or are willing to attain) a base-level understanding of the topic. Once the facilitator garners enough interest and finds interested participants, the mastermind can run from 3 to 6 months in duration. Our vision is for UPC to concurrently host up to a dozen masterminds at any given time covering various topics, such that anyone who comes to UPC with the desire to build proficiency in a given topic can plug into a sub-community of their interest or even start a new one.

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